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Kids (Pediatrics)

The only way children can truly reach their potential in life is to have a nervous system free from interference so that their bodies can adapt to the physical, chemical, and mental stresses that our environment carries. When properly balanced throughout their developmental years, children’s’ energy can be used to access high levels of creativity, processing, and mobility.

Key stages of infant chiropractor care:

• Right after birth
• Begins picking up head
• Starts sitting
• Crawling stage
• Standing stage
• Walking stage

Most important stages of child/teen chiropractic care:

• Preschool – Elementary Schooling, Middle School, and High School
• Puberty
• Adolescent Life and Physical Changes
• Sports Playing

Today, many parents are seeing the benefits of seeking chiropractic care for their children and teens.  Many spinal problems displayed in adults can begin as early as birth.  We work to prevent these issues at their root stages.

As children start participating in regular childhood activities like soccer or riding their bike, small yet significant nerve dysfunction can occur.  If ignored, injuries during this period of their lives may lead towards more serious problems later in life.

Regular chiropractic visits can recognize possible spinal damage from these traumas, make the changes early in life and help avoid health complications seen later in adults.

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Kids (Pediatrics)

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