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Detox Challenge at Tyjeski Family Chiropractic

We are surrounded by toxins every day. From air pollution, to our water source, to our household cleaning products; our bodies are becoming overwhelmed by them. But how do we know if we have too many toxins in our body? An accumulation of toxins can show up as achy joints, headaches, digestive issues and many other symptoms. Toxins also affect our immune system. Our immune system is in charge of kicking these toxins out of our body. When there becomes too many toxins, the immune system starts to weaken. The immune system isn’t working alone. Our liver and kidneys are two organs in charge of eliminating toxins from our bodies. These vital organs can become stressed by medication, a poor diet, and plain old stress. Once stressed, the liver and kidneys cannot keep up with eliminating toxins. Sometimes our bodies need a little help.

2020 has been an extremely challenging year. Our immune systems are trying to keep us healthy. Our stress has been through the roof. It has caused many of us to evaluate our health and habits. That is why our office continues to offer a 28 Day Detox Challenge. We will be starting a group detox on Monday, January 4th. Your Standard Process Detox kit includes a guide book full of whole food recipes and tips to thrive during the detox as well as whole food-based shakes designed to promote detoxification. By going through our office, you also get an individual personal nutritional consultation with Dr. Stephanie included with your kit to ensure a successful detox. Now our program will look slightly different this year. We are going virtual! We will be working through Facebook to bring participants constant information about detoxing and overall nutrition. This will allow all participants the ability to offer support and ask questions anytime during the detox. Are you ready to hit the reset button for 2021 and take your first step in becoming a healthier version of yourself? Sign-up now by calling 920-885-3020 to enjoy your guilt free holidays knowing you have a plan to jump start your health in 2021.

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