Chiropractic Testimonials

"I am able to get out of bed much easier, I haven’t fallen, not even close.  All this after 2 or 3 visits and now it’s 2 dozen visits.  The pain that started a few weeks before starting here was half gone afer one visit.  That pain was difficult to tolerate, it’s gone!  Strength is better, I can raise my left leg.  I’ve moved my foot, you must be a little surprised!  All I know is I’ve spent years one fall away from a home, I’m not afraid any longer. Thank you!"

- Jeff Frank

"I started coming to Tyjeski Family Chiropractic a few years back because of pain.  It has been life changing for me because I never knew how much it was going to improve my life.  I will continue going until I kick the bucket.

I definitely suggest Tyjeski Family Chiropractic.  Dr. Ty, Dr. Steph, and Dr. Josh are very knowledgeable about health and the body.  All the Doctors and staff genuinely really care.  In my personal opinion, Chiropractic services are essential to everybody’s life."

- Julie Ann Ramos

"My daughter took me to see Dr. Tyjeski because of pain in my body.  The Doctors helped my pain and understand what is going on with me.

Coming to Tyjeski Chiropractic helps me feel better and have a better life without pain.  I know if you try it you will feel better like me."

- Elmo Perez

Chiropractic Beaver Dam WI Jean Firari

Thanks for Taking me Back, and Giving Me Back My Life!!!

"I was a long-time patient, but 7 years ago I had multiple fractures from osteoporosis and the medical doctors warned against going to any chiropractor. Well, needless to say, I progressively got worse and at my lowest time, I even decided to no longer listen to the doctors and went back to Dr. Jerry.

When I came back, I was so bad it hurt to even walk in the house, let alone do what I did before the fractures. In just a few months I have greatly improved!!! Now I walk 20 minutes a day an am slowly adding back in my total gym exercises per Dr. Jerry’s Coaching. Dr. Stephanie has helped me with food sensitivity testing. I never knew I was not good with corn and soy products.

I would most definitely recommend Tyjeski Family Chiropractic! People just look at me now and ask what I did to get better and I brag up you guys every day!!!!"

- Jean Firari