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Wellness Care In Beaver Dam WI

Welcome to our Wellness Center at Tyjeski Family Chiropractic. We want to work with you and help you reach your important life goals in Beaver Dam WI.
* Individual Results May Vary



Schedule an individual consultation with one of our doctors to find out if we can help you reach your fitness goals.

  • Lasting Results

    Our wellness team is here to help you take complete control of your life and health. Our program provides lasting results.

  • non-invasive

    Our program uses non-invasive procedures to deliver results without any of the fears and complications of surgery.

  • work together

    We work with you to determine the most suitable approach to help you lose weight faster and gain your life back.

  • get results

    After a thorough assessment of your unique issue, gentle treatment is used to allow your body to be the best it can be.

it's time to get the results you deserve!

We all know that getting moving is important in your wellness journey, but WHERE DO YOU START?? 

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At Our Wellness Center

Weight Loss Success
  • Personalized For You

    Let our doctors do a fitness exam and design a personalized plan for you.

  • Tackle Life

    The goal is to move and build some basic strength so you can tackle the things in life that are important to you!

  • No Long Term Commitment

    By purchasing a fitness center punch card, you have access to the center without the long-term commitment of other gyms and exercise centers.

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$27 Consultation

Our Great TEAM

Meet Our Team

Our Team is here for you!  We bring our personal passions and expertise to the clinic to serve our patients. 

Dr. Stephanie has a Masters in Nutrition and a passion for food sensitivities and improved health through diet. She works with patients to navigate the wellness offerings and design the best path to wellness. Her love of teaching and learning is evident in all she does!

Dr. Josh has a passion for coaching people as they work to change their diet and life to create new health habits.  He has a true love for our patients, the gift of “Woo” and is known as the “baby whisperer”, so he can be found caring for all the kiddos at the office!

Dr. Jerry is a competitor on the world stage in Kettlebell Sport.  He knows that strength and mobility extend both the quality and quantity of life.  He loves to work one on one and in small groups to personalize exercise plans and help patients reach their fitness goals.

Regardless of where you are starting, he can help you move to the next level.  Beginner or Advanced, there is a lot to learn and room to grow as you reach for you next level of health!


LifeBase Dietary Coaching

Is Nutrition too confusing?

With so many programs of the market, who and what do you believe? We have the answer!
* Individual Results May Vary

Chiropractic Beaver Dam WI Woman with Tape
LifeBase begins with YOU!
  • The full body scan measures where you currently are, and the doctors will work with the online app to customize a plan that works best for you.

  • With LifeBase you can Set your Macros food plan unique to you, to help optimize your metabolism and reach your healthy fat loss and muscle gaining goals.

  • Receive personal counseling and coaching for long term success and Wellness!


Each of us are unique individuals with different dietary needs.

Nutritional Counseling can help with specialized diets to help manage diabetes, improve gut health, encourage weight loss, and identify food sensitivities.  It can also help to improve general dietary wellness.  You don’t need to wait for a problem to strike before moving into a healthier lifestyle.  It is never too early, or too late to be a better version of YOU!

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  • help manage diabetes

  • improve gut health

  • encourage weight loss

  • identify food sensitivities

  • improve general dietary wellness

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$27 Consultation


Designed with you in mind.

We have created an area to meet the needs of people moving into a healthier lifestyle.  Meet with the doctors for a fitness exam and a personalized plan to get you moving.

Our Fitness Center is focused on personalized exercises designed for people who are looking to incorporate more exercise and mobility in their daily lives.

Whether you are already active and looking to build strength and mobility, or sedentary and looking to get moving, our team can design a plan for you!


It’s time for Zerona!

If you have tried diet and exercise, but still have fat and inches you just can’t lose… Zerona is the only clinically-proven, non invasive body contouring treatment for overall body circumference that is measurable.

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  • Hope for people who exercise and eat right, but still have those problem areas - this can spot reduce those trouble areas

  • Hope for people who diet and exercise, but it doesn't seem to help them lose weight and they lose motivation to continue

  • Hope for people with cellulite - to smooth out the skin

  • Hope for people with excess skin, after losing weight, and they don't want to go in for surgery

  • Hope for people who want to see immediate results - for the motivation to make lasting lifestyle changes

new patient special

$27 Consultation


Chiropractor Beaver Dam WI Stephanie Tyjeski

Dr. Stephanie has partnered with Inspire Magazine to provide articles and classes to help you learn about topics related to health.  Whether it is nutrition or exercise, sleep or stress, join us for this FREE class each month to learn more about the issues important to your wellness..

The more you know, the more you grow.