Your Body’s Garbage Disposal

Your Body's Garbage Disposal

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The word “toxins” is used to describe poisons, venoms or chemicals that are found in the environment that are harmful to the body. Sometimes they can even cause disease when present at low concentration in the body. We are ALL exposed to toxins. Our bodies encounter multiple toxins and chemicals on a daily basis which can affect the body negatively. We see them at work (cleaners, chemicals, germs, etc.) at home (candles, fragrance, cleaners, cosmetics) and in the community (air pollution, smoke, fragrance). Even medications that can help in small doses are toxic if not used properly. While we can control some of our exposure to these things, we cannot control everything, but fortunately our body has a process to handle it!

That process is the lymphatic system. The body’s garbage disposal. It takes the toxins and breaks them down into little bits that the body can dispose of. It even helps remove the toxins in the form of bacteria and viruses that can make us sick. When the system is working perfectly, you don’t even know it, but sometimes it gets “overtaxed” and doesn’t work as well as it should, causing inflammation. Have you ever had a swollen lymph node when you’re sick? Your body kicks all the junk from being sick into your lymphatic system which can get backed up and cause these swollen lymph nodes.

One of the keys to staying healthy is taking care of our lymphatic system. Here are just a few ways to do that, and as always, we will go into more depth at the Wellness Class at our office.

  1. Exercise. While your heart pumps your circulatory system, and your lungs pump your respiratory system, there is no organ to “pump” your lymphatic system. Movement of muscles in your body is what does that. Therefore, exercise on a regular basis is important to your overall health and wellness, and can help prevent you from getting sick. But when you are sick, you probably won’t feel like moving much. Even getting off the couch or out of bed every hour for 15 minutes to walk around your house will pump this system and ultimately make you feel better.
  2. Movement: When movement is hard or painful, you avoid it. Make sure all your joints are moving properly… see your Chiropractor. We also have a vibration plate at the office that helps pump the lymph system. Getting a massage can also help pump your lymphatic system since the masseuse is moving the muscles for you.
  3. Drink Water: After getting a massage or chiropractic treatment, drink water. When you exercise or are sick, drink water. Every day……DRINK WATER! The lymph system will get moving, but water is what flushes everything out of the body. Not having enough water in the body can also put stress on the lymph system and clog up your “garbage disposal”.
  4. Eat Good Food: Control what you can. Put good food into your body. Eat organic when possible, wash your foods, and minimize processed food. Read labels and avoid junk food. And remember nobody is perfect, any step in the right direction is a GOOD STEP, and don’t be afraid to take it.
  5. Detox: When your lymph system dumps toxins from your body, it goes through the kidneys. Your circulatory system eliminates unwanted toxins through your liver. A detox (or cleanse) can help both the liver and kidneys clean out and recover from all their hard work. In essence, a detox is a spa day for your liver and kidney. It is cleaning out your garbage disposal. There are a number of ways to detox. After some research, we like to use the Standard Process 28 day program. You still eat food, but you limit it to what your body can process and heal effectively. You also have 1-3 shakes per day to help with the detoxification. Along the way, you learn a lot about good nutrition, what makes your body feel good, and how to continue eating healthier after the program.

This year we will be running our 28 day detox in March. You can do a detox anytime, but if you would like to be part of a group, we would love to have you join us. We will have classes at our Beaver Dam location for about 4 weeks to learn about the detox process and to offer support to each other. If you are interested and would like to sign up or have questions please join us at our introduction class on Tuesday February 28 at 5:30pm. Call the office at (920) 885-3020 with any questions or to reserve your spot. As a group, the Detox will start on March 7 and run for 28 days.

As always we will be holding a class to dive even deeper into learning about your lymphatic system. We will be looking at how the lymphatic system is involved in weight loss, and disorders involving the system such as lymphedema among other topics. Our class will be held at our Beaver Dam location on Tuesday, February 21 at 5:30pm. Knowing more about your body gives you the power to take care of yourself and make informed medical decisions. It’s never too early or too late to start taking care of your health!

Yours in Health,
Dr. Stephanie Tyjeski

February Wellness Class - The Lymphatic System
February 21, 5:30 p.m.
119 E. Mackie Street
Beaver Dam, WI 53916

Dr. Stephanie graduated in December 2016 with her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Logan University. She continued on at Logan University to receive her Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance. She is also certified as a Digestive Health Profession through the Loomis Enzyme Institute. She currently works at Tyjeski Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

January Wellness Class - The Nervous System
January 17th, 5:30pm
119 E. Mackie Street
Beaver Dam, WI 53916