Restoring Equilibrium: Chiropractic Care For Balance Issues

Restoring Equilibrium: Chiropractic Care Cor Balance Issues

Chiropractic Beaver Dam WI Restoring Equilibrium

One of the biggest concerns for adults as they age is falling. Sometimes falls are the result of accidents, and nothing can be done. But sometimes, they are the result of balance issues and can be avoided. Balance is a fundamental aspect of our daily lives, often taken for granted until it becomes compromised. The intricate system responsible for maintaining our balance or equilibrium involves various components, including the inner ear, eyes, muscles, and the central nervous system. When any one of these functions does not work properly, you may experience issues such as vertigo and dizziness. Chiropractic care in Beaver Dam and Watertown has emerged as a natural approach to address these concerns, focusing on the spine and nervous system to restore the proper function and help people resume their normal daily activities.

Maintaining Balance

Our ability to maintain balance is a harmonious interplay between multiple sensory systems. The three main parts of the body responsible for balance include the eyes, ears, and proprioception which is the ability to know where our body is about our environment. Proprioception is communicated to the brain through our muscles. The brain integrates information from these sources to orchestrate smooth and coordinated movements, ensuring stability in various activities. If the signals coming from the eyes, ears, and muscles get mixed up in the brain, it can cause balance issues as well. At our office, we can check these connections in the brain and fix any miscommunication by using our low-level laser therapy. The laser puts energy into the cells of the brain to re-establish perfect communication. People with vertigo and balance issues benefit greatly from laser therapy to the brain.

Chiropractors focus on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system, aiming to optimize communication between the brain and the body. If all the systems in the body that work together for proper balance can’t communicate because there is a misalignment in the spine, or the “information highway” of the body, proper balance and motion cannot occur. This is called a subluxation. Chiropractic care for balance problems involves gentle adjustments to the spine, removing the interference (subluxation) that causes the body to function improperly. Once the body is aligned and information can freely flow from the brain to the systems of the body and back, the body can perform as it was intended to. In this case, the balance is restored. Additionally, chiropractic care often includes exercises and lifestyle recommendations to support overall balance and coordination.

How We Can Help

In our fitness center, we teach people specific exercises to help improve balance. Once they’ve mastered these exercises on the ground, we transition them onto our vibration plate. The vibration plate also has the benefit of stimulating muscles to strengthen them quicker and it helps stimulate bone growth which is great for people with osteoporosis.

Maintaining balance is a multifaceted process that involves the coordination of many systems of the body. When subluxations occur that interrupt that process, individuals may experience debilitating symptoms like vertigo and dizziness. Chiropractic care, along with other modalities or exercises, offers a holistic approach to addressing these issues by focusing on the different systems in the body involved in your ability to balance. By restoring proper alignment and function, chiropractors aim to enhance the body's natural ability to maintain equilibrium, returning you to all the activities you enjoy.

In our Wellness Class we will dive into other causes of balance issues, what exercises can help, and other recommended lifestyle changes to promote good balance. As always, I will be available to answer questions so bring your questions and get ready to learn! Please join us at our Beaver Dam location for this FREE class on Tuesday, March 19th at 5:30pm. You do not need to be a patient to attend.

Yours in Health,
- Dr. Stephanie Tyjeski

Dr. Stephanie graduated in December 2016 with her Doctorate in Chiropractic at Logan University. She continued on at Logan University to receive her Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance. She is also certified as a Digestive Health Professional through the Loomis Enzyme Institute. She currently works at Tyjeski Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center and recently received the Five Under Forty Award for being one of the area’s brightest young leaders.